Sightword Club- VIP Exclusives

Monthly Exclusive events for ticket holders grades K-2nd

dates for event will be posted upon confirmation Letters will be sent home on dates posted 

August 8/15/16- movie/ popcorn letter for September Event 

September 9/12/16 - Dance for 15-20 minutes October Event 

October 10/10/16- Sweet Treat " Story & snack time" November Event

November-11/7/16 Creating crafts December Event 

December-12/5/16 New Year New Steps Dance January Event 

January-01/09/16 Picnic and photos- February Event

February-02/06/16 Outdoor Sports- March Event 

March-03/06/16 Ice cream madness April  Event 

April-04/03/16 Carnival May Event

May- 05/01/16- ROLL OUT SHOW OUT June Event